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More the EMS Practitioners, Louder will be our Collective Voice

The collective voice of EMS depends on the hundreds of thousands of EMS practitioners who make up the backbone of EMS in our country. The more EMS practitioners join, the louder and more effective our collective voice.

India’s pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency care system is rapidly developing. The Emergency Medical Services system is very young and while growing fast, it has multiple facets that need to grow in accordance with the needs of our people and to be at par with countries with a mature EMS system. Growing with the EMS system is the EMS manpower that consists of First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics, pre-hospital nurses and doctors as well as other health care providers. As we provide the best possible care to our patients, we may face many problems that need to be solved for the benefit of all concerned. AEMT India is formed with the goal of helping our emergency care providers to be able to deliver the best possible care to the crores of patients who we care for on a daily basis.

Therefore, AEMTI is the need of the hour!

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The mission of the Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMTI) is to represent and serve emergency and mobile healthcare practitioners including emergency medical technicians, advanced emergency medical technicians, emergency medical responders, paramedics, pre-hospital nurses and doctors and other emergency healthcare practitioners.

Association of Emergency Medical Technicians India will be the recognized leader in advancing the profession of pre-hospital emergency healthcare.

  • We believe that pre-hospital emergency healthcare is a distinct and essential service to the public and a fundamental component of our country’s health care system.
  • We believe that all patients deserve high quality and safe medical care delivered by qualified pre- hospital emergency healthcare practitioners.
  • We believe that all pre-hospital emergency healthcare practitioners deserve a safe, healthy and respectful work environment.
  • We believe that all pre-hospital emergency healthcare practitioners deserve adequate and equitable compensation.
  • We believe that professional education, national education standards and research are essential to the consistent delivery of high quality, evidence-based pre-hospital emergency medical care.
  • We believe that collaboration between the pre-hospital emergency healthcare profession and the larger healthcare community is essential to addressing the key challenges in delivering high quality emergency and mobile healthcare.
  • We shall represent the views and concerns of all pre-hospital emergency healthcare practitioners regardless of delivery model.
  • We shall conduct all AEMTI business with integrity and transparency, and adhere to the ethical standards of our profession.
  • Recruit and retain 10,000 full members.
  • Develop and implement new strategies to attract a diverse range of members.
  • Develop and promote new networking and engagement opportunities for members.
  • Facilitate the transformation of the pre-hospital emergency healthcare profession as an essential, data driven, patient centered, integrated component of our country’s healthcare system.
  • Identify the evolving education needs of pre-hospital emergency healthcare practitioners and develop and implement education programs that meet these needs.
  • Expand access to all AEMTI education programs to new domestic and international localities.
  • Lead the effort to pass the EMS legislation by obtaining sponsors in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.
  • Educate elected officials about the anticipated impact of pending federal legislation on emergency and pre-hospital healthcare.
  • Build relationships with all pre-hospital emergency healthcare stakeholders.
  • Strengthen the full range of organizational resources – including human and financial – to support the forward momentum of our association.

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Every EMS Practitioner together forms the backbone of EMS in India. Their collective voice can bring changes improving lives of everyone depending on it. View the EMS Practitioners standing together for this reason

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